Shipping Instructions

We strongly recommend that you ship using customs broker Arturo Arauz S.A., who will arrange shipping to Panama.

Also, note to ship your items IN ADVANCE to avoid shipment delays and to allow customs to process.

Shipping to Panama:

  • Exhibitors can select ANY shipping company to ship their items to Panama, but please notify Arturo Arauz S.A.
  • To avoid delays or problems with shipping and Panama customs, we suggest that ALL items go through the customs broker: Arturo Arauz S.A., who will arrange the delivery to the convention center.
  • Maritime shipments arrive at Balboa Panama Ports Company, Panamá or Manzanillo International Terminal Colón.
  • Air shipments: Tocumen International Cargo Airport.

Receiving shipments in Panama:


  • We recommend your items arrive in Panama 2 weeks before the event date..


  • Consolidated cargo: the merchandise must arrive in Panama 2 weeks prior to the event date.
  • Intact container: the merchandise must arrive in Panama 1 week prior to the assembly date. 
  • Once in Panama, Arturo Arauz, S.A. will dispatch and store your shipment for delivery to your booth at the Centro de Convenciones Amador (Panama Convention Center).
  • There is a charge for the services of the customs broker Arturo Arauz, S.A., contact them below for a detailed price based on the items you are shipping.

Shipping Contact Information

Vía España, Edif. Orión
Primer Piso Oficina No.1-A
Panama, Rep. of Panama

+507 264-6575
+507 264-2210
+507 263-9975
+507 263-5995

+507 6612-1487

E-mail: latinexpocustoms@arturoarauz.com


We offer exhibitors FREE storage of boxed items in the shipment receiving area of the Panama Convention Center on July 31 to August 02.


All goods must:

    • Be in pallets or boxes.
    • Have the appropriate label.

Bringing samples with you to the exhibition as carry-on or checked baggage will create delays at the airport.

  • You can do it, but the process is complicated. It is important to notify the personnel of Arturo Araúz S.A. BEFORE YOUR ARRIVAL your your flight number, day and time of arrival and a copy of the passenger's passport. This way the process is more expeditious.
  • It´s important to give the agent Arturo Araúz S.A. the original ticket that is given to you by Panamanian customs.
  • Take note that this procedure takes 1 day to process, which means that your goods won´t be delivered the same day that you arrive.
  • Panamanian customs and the customs broker for the exhibition, Arturo Arauz S.A., recommends exhibitors to send their small items via DHL, FEDEX or UPS to avoid delays at the airport when taking the items with you as carry-on and/or luggage. In this case, you must cut the waybill in the name of Arturo Araúz S.A. Remember that for the merchandise to be on time at your stand, it must arrive in Panama 1 week before the assembly date.

If you are going to bring samples with you on your luggage, keep in mind the following:

    • Bring with you a commercial invoice for your items to present at customs upon arrival at the Panama airport.
    • If your flight arrives after 9:00 PM, your merchandise will have to remain at the airport until the next day. Remember to hand over the original ticket given by Panamanian custom to the staff of Arturo Araúz S.A.
    • Your merchandise will be transported by Arturo Araúz S.A. together with a custodian of the National Customs Authority at the Panama Convention Center. If you want to sell or give away your items, said merchandise must pay taxes

Arturo Arauz offers the service of being at the airport to help exhibitors carry promotional items brought with them.

  • Check the flowchart provided by Arturo Araúz S.A.

Boxes to be returned at show end:

The boxes that will be returned at the end of the exhibition:

  • Exhibitors may store empty boxes (if properly labeled) in the shipment receiving area of the Panama Convention Center between the 31st of July and the 2th of August, 2024.
  • The Expo staff will return the empty boxes to the exhibitors at the end of the fair at 2th of August at 4:00pm for your post-presentation packaging and shipping needs.
All goods must:

    • Be in pallets or boxes.
    • Have the appropriate label